“Because meaningful coaching is a learning experience”
Rianne Jansen is a Certified Trainer at Autisme Centraal and combines this with providing training and coaching in her private practice in Veenendaal.
In her life and work she adheres to the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which she researches as part of her study “Zorgethiek en Beleid” (translated: “Ethics of Care and Policy”) at the University of Human Studies in Utrecht.
She also chairs the foundation ‘Op Eigen Tenen’ – which promotes the empowerment of people with autism – and is a member of the Autism and Women Expert Group (‘EVA’) of the Dutch Association for Autism (‘NVA’).
She sees her own diagnosis as an added value in her work.
Rianne is a true epicurean and loves to share her love for philosophy, art, literature, theatre, nature and good food with friends and family.