“Moving towards greater awareness and independence together”
Stefanie Rober started her career in mental health care as an occupational therapist 8 years ago. Pretty soon she discovered her passion for children, adolescents and adults with autism. In recent years, she has started working as a reference worker in the area of autism spectrum disorders at a department for young adults with autism within the mental health care sector and has developed her passion even further working as a self-employed autism coach in a group practice for children and adolescents.
Stefanie always seeks to promote quality of life and therefore attaches great importance to the ‘double track’ approach, in which the guiding principle is not to take over, but to adjust in order to build the most autonomous life possible together. Sharing knowledge and putting it into practice is therefore a goal that she constantly pursues.
Furthermore, she wants to break the taboo surrounding mental health care. We all have our burdens to bear, our backpacks to carry. That is what makes us unique. “A backpack brings adventure into our lives. Let that challenge us to explore unbeaten paths.”
Besides her passion for autism, Stefanie likes to go out and explore the world in search of adventure and challenges. You can find her in faraway countries, on clay pigeon shooting grounds, jogging rounds or even putting on boxing gloves.

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